am 18. Mai 1969

Flight 32. (USA 20) Apollo 10

18th May 1969 8 days 0 h 3 min 23 s

Thomas Stafford, John Young, Eugene Cernan

This flight was originally slated to be the first landing on the moon and Tom Stafford would have been the first man to walk on the lunar surface. But the Lunar Module was deemed to be unsuitable for a landing and a further test flight was thought necessary. So, Stafford and Cernan flew a complete landing mission simulation coming to within nine miles of the surface, while John Young became the first man to fly solo in lunar orbit. A safe return to earth gave the green signal to Apollo 11 . Apollo 10 also archieved the highest speed attained by man : 24790 mph.

Guinness Books-Space Flights - the records

(Tim Furniss & Guinness Superlatives ltd,1985)


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